Awards highlight last day of school at Trenton Middle School

Trenton R-9 School District

Awards highlighted assemblies today at Trenton middle and high schools on the final day of the school year at Trenton R-9.

At Trenton Middle School, “top dawg” awards were presented to one boy and one girl from each grade who demonstrated the best overall qualities of academic success, citizenship, and character education. 5th grade: – Kaylea Boyle and Connor Campbell; 6th grade – Mallory Sole and Jonin Villacampa; 7th grade – Emily Owen and Aidan McAtee; 8th grade – Kasie Otto and Sabastian Brown.

Seventeen students in fifth through eighth grade were recognized for perfect attendance with another ten students “nearly perfect” missing less than one full day of classes.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence goes to 8th graders who have earned an advanced score on the math or communication arts portion of the MAP test, and have a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade point average. 21 students receive a certificate and congratulation letters from President Obama and the Department of Education.

The list of 8th graders provided by Trenton Middle School includes alphabetically: McKayla Blackburn, Natosha Brown, Carson Burchett, Dalton Burchett, Shawna Coplen, McKenna Cox, Madison Cutsinger, Elizabeth Fewins, Maci Henson, Dolan Huber, Quentin Hughs, Quentin Lovell, Oakley Madden, Corey Marrs, Mackenzie McAtee, Lindi Moulin, Kennedy Norton, Kasie Otto, Rillie Ratliff, Lily White and Ben Woodson. 7th and 8th grade choir awards for outstanding performances went to sopranos Amanda Parrack, and Mackenzie Klinginsmith; altos Hannah Stark and Kennedy Norton; and baritone Elijah Merrin and Riley Raymo.