Author of book about JC Penney to be in Chula

JC Penney

The author of a book about JC Penney, released in May, is expected to attend the Meservey Family reunion in Chula August 12 and 13.

The book was written by David Kruger of the University of Wyoming. The title is “JC Penney, the Man, the Store, and American Agriculture.”

Of particular note in the book is a chapter about Grundy and Livingston county farms that were managed by brothers Elden and Marshall Meservey. These farms were later purchased from Mr. Penney by the respective families. Several other farms in the surrounding areas are mentioned in the book as well.

The Meservey reunion August 12 and 13 is scheduled for the Chula Community Center.

The author of the book about JC Penney, David Kruger, is expected to attend and be available to autograph books that people bring with them. The book is sold on line through Amazon for $29.95.  Kruger also is to have a presentation, including photos he has collected, about the life of JC Penney.

Members of the Meservey family report they have become acquainted with Kruger during his research for the book and express admiration for his accurate portrayal of a Missouri native JC Penney.