Audio: Waterline replacement part of 9th Street sidewalk replacement

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Sub-contractors are doing the waterline and sidewalk work along East 9th Street (or State Highway 6) in portions of Trenton.

Missouri’s Department of Transportation, in their weekly reports, indicates utility and sidewalk project is expected to conclude by late July. City Administrator Ron Urton reviews the areas along East 9th Street that are to receive improvements before the general contractor begins resurfacing.



Urton said it’s his understanding that while the utility and sidewalk work is being done in Trenton, general contractor Emery Sapp and Sons of Columbia, is expected to begin resurfacing near Interstate 35 in Daviess County.



The water line, utility work is being paid for by the city of Trenton through the contract the Missouri Highway Commission has with the general contractor.

The sidewalk projects are to be meet Americans with Disabilities guidelines.