Audio: Trenton sales taxes already trailing but what happens during the Coronavirus crisis

Sales Tax

Shopping habits and the business climate are the driving forces for sales tax revenue, especially for local communities.

The city of Trenton collects on five different local sales taxes – each for a specific purpose as we review in our news stories each month. With one more month left in the current fiscal year, Trenton sales taxes in four categories were trailing a comparable period of a year ago by more than one percent. The other, for city parks, was only up slightly.

City Administrator Ron Urton says it’s always a challenge to predict what sales tax revenues will do. That’s especially true during the COVID-19 precautions which have prompted some businesses to close and many others have made adjustments.



Urton and other city and business leaders always encourage shopping with local businesses as much as possible.

While local governments like the city and county get sales tax receipts every month, the amounts vary depending on whether a business is a monthly or quarterly filer with the Missouri Department of Revenue.