Audio: Trenton citizens to vote on motel “Bed Tax” in June 2nd election

Motel Bed Tax

KTTN news begins a series of stories that provide information on the city of Trenton vote next Tuesday, June 2nd regarding a proposed tax for persons who stay at a motel or bed and breakfast in Trenton.

Councilmember Cathie Smith was an Open Line guest who discussed what’s often referred to as “a bed tax”. It’s a fee that visitors pay when they use a motel room for lodging. A local commission will determine how the money is spent to promote Trenton.

Mrs. Smith described the proposal as one that allows residents of Trenton to receive a benefit that they don’t have to pay for.



Out of town visitors are often look for places to stay during community events such as the THS Alumni reunion and holiday hoops.

Mrs. Smith also commented on the Locust Creek Reservoir project, which is expected to offer recreational opportunities on the lake, also will require visitors to look for a place to stay.



A simple majority is needed to pass the city of Trenton’s proposal in Tuesday’s election.