Audio: Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce and license office to move to Eastgate Shopping Center

Trenton Chamber of Commerce

The Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce and state license fee office have plans to move to another location yet this year. Chamber President Debbie Carman made the announcement when she was an Open Line guest on KTTN.



For more than one year, the chamber and license bureau occupied a building at 611 East 9th Street, just west of the railroad bridge. And Mrs. Carman knows that location offered very limited parking.

Moving to an available building in the Eastgate Shopping Center will give the chamber and license office more space indoors as well as additional parking out front. Carman also noted renting the location at Eastgate may lead to other businesses wanting to move into available buildings in the shopping center:



The chamber president reviews the floor plan for the new offices as well as the impact on changing locations. She told KTTN the license bureau would have to close a couple of days to allow for the Missouri Department of Revenue to assist with the setup.



The Chamber still owns the now-vacant lot at 7th and Main where the chamber and license bureau were located until a major fire occurred there early last year.