Audio: Three charities to benefit from the Mid-America Music Festival

Mid America Music Festival 2021

Three charities will benefit from the Mid-America Music Festival in Trenton on July 16th and 17th. The Black Silo Foundation chose to support Camp Rainbow, the Green Hills Animal Shelter, and the North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center.

Festival Team Member Andrea McKown says one way the charities can raise money at the festival is through sponsorships. They will receive 25% of each sponsorship they secure. The charities will also receive 50% of each ticket sold for a luxury home raffle and 100% of proceeds from a Coca-Cola water and energy drink tent.

McKown explains that those who want to be participating charities approach the Black Silo Foundation and share their missions. The board then decides if it would be a “win-win.”



Five charities were supported in 2019, but McKown says the foundation last year decided to limit the number to three. The foundation accepted and acknowledged it was not in a place yet to give to a lot of different charities.



Camp Rainbow provides a summer camp experience to individuals with disabilities. The Green Hills Animal Shelter provides animal care and adoption services for stray and abandoned animals in Trenton and neighboring towns. The North Central Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center’s mission is to reduce the traumatic long-term effects of child abuse on children, their families, and their communities.

McKown reports there is a 39% growth in sponsorships. Some sponsors are returning, increasing participation, and getting other businesses involved.  There has also been an increase in ticket sales for the Mid-America Music Festival.



McKown thinks the increase in ticket sales is because of not a lot happening for about a year. She also believes it is a direct correlation of an increase in partnerships between this year and the last four years.



More information on the event on July 16th and 17th can be found on the Mid-America Music Festival website.