Audio: Straw poll at Missouri State Fair shows landslide for Hawley, support for gas tax

Straw Poll
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(Missourinet) – The Missouri Farm Bureau has released results of its annual Straw Poll conducted at the State Fair in Sedalia.



The agriculture organization’s survey proved to be a landslide for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley. The state’s sitting attorney general soundly defeated Democratic incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill by a nearly 46-point margin, 72.8% to 27.2%.

The unscientific poll also reflected support for a ballot measure, Proposition D, that would hike the state’s motor fuel tax by 10-cents over four years. Proposition D prevailed in the Straw poll by a nearly 18-point margin, 58.7% to 41.3%. Fairgoers who visited the Missouri Farm Bureau building cast 2,655 ballots in the straw poll, which has been held at the State Fair since 1980.

Both the U.S. Senate race and Proposition D will be on the November 6 ballot. The Farm Bureau claims its poll, although non-scientific, provides an accurate pulse of the political mood of rural Missourians.

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