Audio: State Senator Rusty Black pre-files legislative bills

State Representative Rusty Black
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Twelfth District State Senator Rusty Black of Chillicothe pre-filed bills for this year’s state legislative session.

One of the bills aims to establish guidelines for the construction of electric transmission facilities.

Black emphasizes the bill’s focus on protecting the personal property rights of Missourians and avoiding scenarios similar to the Grain Belt Express. He highlights that large transmission lines crisscross the state, predominantly delivering electricity to eastern regions.



Black mentions that the bill concerning electric transmission facilities has been assigned to a committee.

Another initiative Black pre-filed seeks to alter regulations regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land.

A comparable bill was proposed last year. Black notes several amendments to the bill were implemented after the last legislative session, bringing it near finalization. However, he points out that certain issues prevented the bill from being finalized.



Additionally, Black has introduced a bill to revise requirements concerning the geographic proximity in collaborative agreements between physicians and registered professional nurses.



State Senator Rusty Black.

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