Audio: State Representative Mazzie Boyd reports on activity in the Missouri House of Representatives, and what she expects in the next few weeks

Mazzie Boyd (Photo via Mazzie for Missouri website)

State Representative Mazzie Boyd of Hamilton reports the Missouri House of Representatives passed 15 bills this week and sent them to the Senate.

One of those bills involved daycare facilities.



Another bill sent to the State Senate would basically allow the chief law enforcement executive for any law enforcement agency to request assistance from another law enforcement agency outside the jurisdiction.



The Missouri Employment First Act was also approved by the State House and sent to the State Senate.



There is a decrease in the number of people becoming veterinarians. One State House bill passed this week would address that issue.



Boyd voted in favor of the bills involving daycare facilities, law enforcement, the Missouri Employment First Act, and veterinarians.

Boyd then turned her attention to what she expects to see in the legislative session in the next few weeks.



The State Senate recently passed the legislation and sent it to the State House. She thinks the House will try to pass the House version of the bill and send it back to the Senate.

Boyd said there are sometimes what she called “brother and sister bills.”



Boyd said anyone from District 2 with questions and concerns can contact her by calling 573-751-4285 or emailing [email protected].