Audio: Shoes vs. masks? Missouri lawmaker and attorney general spar over school dress codes

Sneakers and formal shoes. Sport and outdoor leisure. Licensed through Envato Elements
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A state Representative and Missouri’s attorney general sparred over school dress codes.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican running for U.S. Senate, has sued 45 K-12 school districts for requiring masks and quarantining to slow the spread of the coronavirus. During a Missouri House Budget Committee hearing, Democrat Peter Merideth of St. Louis asked if schools can legally require shoes.



Merideth says schools have always had policies about contagious illnesses. Schmitt says they have never had the ability to enforce quarantining of healthy students.

A state lawmaker and Missouri’s attorney general squabbled over the difference between a school dress code requiring shoes versus requiring masks. During a Missouri House Budget Committee hearing, St. Louis state Representative Peter Merideth do not see eye to eye about what schools can legally do.



Missouri’s charter schools have mask requirements but they are not being sued.

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