Audio: Severe thunderstorm warnings to be added to Wireless Emergency Alerts on cell phones and mobile devices

Severe Weather

Some severe thunderstorm warnings will be added to Wireless Emergency Alerts on compatible cell phones and mobile devices on July 28.

Meteorologist Emily Klaus with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill:



She says the system currently sends out alerts for tornado warnings. Phone users may get alerts for severe thunderstorm warnings through other apps.

The change is being made to Wireless Emergency Alerts because Klaus notes, a severe thunderstorm warning with at least 80 miles per hour winds and/or baseball-size hail is dangerous:



The National Weather Service reports a severe thunderstorm warning is issued when a storm produces hail of at least one inch in diameter and/or winds of at least 58 miles per hour.

Other ways to receive weather alerts include weather radios, TV, radio stations like KTTN and KGOZ, weather apps, outdoor sirens, or the National Weather Service.