Audio: Proposition D would mean local money for transportation use

Gas Pumps for fuel

Proposition D on Tuesday’s ballot would increase Missouri’s motor fuel tax by two and a half cents a gallon per year for four years beginning July 1st, 2019. This means the fuel tax would overall increase from 17 cents to 27 cents per gallon.

Communications Director for Safer Missouri Scott Charton, says the increase in the state motor fuel tax would allow Missouri to raise more than four million dollars each year for roadwork and road enforcement. The money would go into the state road fund.

Charton explains the Missouri Constitution sets up the formula for how the funds would be distributed.



Charton adds Proposition D would provide 124 million dollars in new funding for cities and counties, which is a 66% increase.



Charton says the money distributed to the Missouri Department of Transportation would help accelerate the State Transportation Improvement Program.

MoDOT held meetings to gather information from regional planning partners and the public about which priorities they would like to see Proposition D money put towards.