Audio: Parson officially announces run for Missouri Governor

Governor Mike Parson

Missouri’s 57th governor wants to stay put in his office. During a large campaign gathering Sunday in southwest Missouri’s Bolivar, Governor Parson officially entered the 2020 governor’s race.



During Parson’s address, protesters held Medicaid posters shouting “Shame on Parson”.  Sunday’s announcement was made in southwest Missouri’s Bolivar – the town showcasing his humble beginnings of making ends meet by pumping gas, fixing cars and later serving as Polk County Sheriff.



Other candidates running include fellow Republican Jim Neely, a state Representative from northwest Missouri’s Cameron and State Auditor Nicole Galloway, a Democrat from mid-Missouri’s Columbia. In a press release, Galloway said Parson is “out of answers, except to deliver for the well-connected insiders who get what they want while Missouri families continue to struggle.”

You can hear the entire speech by Governor Parson at the audio link below.