Audio: Parson defends Missouri taking different approach than recommended by White House Task Force

Missouri Governor Mike Parson

Missouri’s approach to COVID-19 does not completely match up with the recommendations made by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. The most recent report leaked to the public was from September 6 and recommended a statewide mask requirement and closing bars.

The report said Missouri is in the red zone for cases, with the 10th highest rate in the country. During a Capitol press conference, Governor Parson defends the state’s response to fight the virus.



The report also recommended restricting indoor dining to 50 percent capacity in yellow zones and 25 percent in red zones.



Quade says Parson defunded police and other emergency responders over the summer by unilaterally slashing $2.66 million in funding from the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s budget. She says the budget cut includes $1.81 million allocated to the Highway Patrol.