Audio: North Central Missouri College holds graduation ceremony for nursing students

North Central Missouri College Website V1 (NCMC)

Students pursuing nursing degrees graduated from North Central Missouri College on Saturday afternoon, May 8, 2021.

Mosaic Life Care Chief Medical Officer Doctor Davin Turner addressed the graduates and expressed his appreciation to the graduates for joining the front lines, telling them they would be joining a team.



Turner emphasized that the number one person on the team is the patient, explaining how a nurse becomes a patient’s advocate and friend and, at times, becoming a patient’s family.



Turner also said it is a nurse’s job to put the patient and their family at ease.  He then shared the story of a patient who was scared to be on the fifth floor of the hospital in Saint Joseph, as patients with COVID-19 were placed on that floor for isolation.



NCMC Student Senate President Jacquelyn Perez also expressed appreciation to the graduates for continuing to pursue nursing, considering the circumstances of the last year.