Audio: New 17th Street Bridge moves closer to becoming a reality

17th Street Bridge

Property owners near and close to the 17th street bridge are invited to attend a meeting Wednesday, or next week, that includes offers from an appraiser regarding temporary construction easements and property purchases.

The aging 17th Street Bridge in Trenton is slated to be replaced with a new structure in its current location and City Administrator Ron Urton provides an update.



Olson and Associates, an engineering firm, is finalizing the completed drawings for the bridge project. Reviews are being done through funding partners: Missouri department of transportation and Union Pacific Railroad.

Wednesday’s session on the appraisals runs from 12 noon to 6 o’clock in the Sugg room of Ketcham community center.



Urton referred to occasions when the bridge has to be closed to make repairs to the road surface. A transportation sales tax of three-eighths of a percent was approved by voters to generate funds for the city of Trenton share of the project cost.

A review of the bond closing documents is scheduled for next Monday, July 23rd at the city council meeting.