Audio: Nestlé to begin open hiring process sometime in March at Trenton plant

Nestle Sign in front of Corporate offices

With the announcement of a conditional agreement between ConAgra and Nestlé for the purchase of the plant in Trenton, there is anticipation as to how many employees will be needed to fill positions when Nestlé assumes operations.

Completion of the agreement is targeted for May of this year and is subject to satisfaction of terms, conditions, and contingencies between ConAgra brands and Nestle’.

Nestle’ Professional Project Manager Andy Darley said Nestle’ does not know exactly how many employees will be hired, however, Nestle’ expects its needs to be similar to what will exist when ConAgra brands exit the factory, and right now, that’s approximately 135 to 150 employees. The open hiring process is to begin sometime during March of 2018.

KTTN Radio spoke with Sara Ryan, Director of Corporate Communications who commented on products at the plant, current employees, and the need, if any, for remodeling at the Trenton plant.



Ryan was also asked about the potential for job growth at the plant.



ConAgra brands, in 2016, announced its intention to close its plant in Trenton by the end of May 2018. Nestle’ said it’s been engaged in conversations with ConAgra brands along with state and local officials with the intention to secure future production of Chef-Mate at the facility in Trenton.

Nestle’ previously owned the plant in Trenton but sold it 20-years ago to International Home Foods.