Audio: National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Barham discusses the upcoming Sunday snowstorm

Northern Missouri is bracing for a major winter storm to hit the area on Sunday with a Winter Storm Watch issued on Sunday, November 25 from 6 am to 9 pm.

The watch will most likely be updated this weekend with a more accurate prediction of snowfall totals. The weekend watch includes blowing snow with wind gusts as high as 40 mph along with heavy snow falling at up to 1 inch per hour at times.

Jimmy Barham with the National Weather Service office in Pleasant Hill spoke Friday morning with KTTN news.



The winter snow storm would be coming on Sunday which is typically a heavy travel day following the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend and at this time, it is advised that those traveling over the weekend make their travel day Saturday instead of Sunday. The winds that accompany the storm are a concern.



Trenton has received in recent weeks, minor but measurable amounts of snow on four different occasions and Barham was asked if this is setting a trend for this winter?



Jimmy Barham with the weather service notes that the watch that has been issued for Sunday will most likely change to a Winter Storm Warning in the next 24-hours.