Audio: More flooding in Northwest Missouri prompts further discussion on Corps of Engineers river management

Flooding in northwest Missouri

Renewed flooding in northwest Missouri has prompted more calls for changes in how the Corps manages the Missouri River. Brent Martin from St. Joseph TV station KFEQ has the story.



The rising Missouri River sent floodwaters back over Highway 59 in southern Buchanan County, closing the route to Atchison, Kansas once again. Highway 59 is closed from state Highway 45 at Rushville to the  Amelia Earhart Bridge over the Missouri River.

Buchanan County Presiding Commissioner Lee Sawyer says that it will take TWO MORE YEARS to fully raise the major levee that protects St. Joseph and Rosecrans Airport. He says flooding this spring came “way too close” to topping that levee.



The broken levee system along the Missouri River has allowed floodwaters to flow into low-lying areas