Audio: Missouri’s Senate president says Medicaid and social services consume 46 percent of state operating budget

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri
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Missouri’s Senate leader says the state’s operating budget has grown from 21-billion dollars a decade ago to 34-billion dollars today. Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz tells Sullivan affiliate KTUI that Medicaid expansion is too expensive. He says the state Department of Social Services’  budget continues to grow.



The Missouri Senate and House have approved separate 34-billion dollar state operating budgets, and NEITHER contains funding for Medicaid expansion. House and Senate negotiators will meet next week in Jefferson City to hammer out compromises. The state Constitution requires Missouri lawmakers to approve a balanced budget by next Friday.

Missouri’s Senate leader is praising his chamber’s vote this week to reject funding for Medicaid expansion. Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz says the budgets for the state Departments of Social Services and Health and Senior Services now take up 46 percent of the state operating budget. He’s also critical of suggestions that federal funding will help with Medicaid expansion.



In August, 53 percent of Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion. Schatz tells our Sullivan affiliate KTUI that the ballot measure was unconstitutional because it didn’t provide a funding mechanism.

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