Audio: Missouri’s House Budget Committee Chairman outlines Medicaid-related budget bill

Medicaid Missouri

Missouri’s House Budget Committee learned details today (Tuesday) about a budget blueprint from Chairman Cody Smith to use dollars slated for Medicaid expansion for other programs instead. Funding includes 26-million dollars for adult daycare

and home-delivered meals. Chairman Smith testifies the funding also includes 88-million dollars for nursing home care.



This involves a one-time nursing facility increase of ten dollars per day. The budget bill also includes 735-million dollars for the state Medicaid program. While 53 percent of Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion, it failed in 105 of the state’s 114 counties. Smith says Medicaid expansion would help many able-bodied adults who choose not to work.

While Missouri’s House Budget Committee Chair opposes Medicaid expansion, he’s unveiled an alternative plan that provides an additional 735-million dollars to the state Medicaid program. House Appropriations Director Glenn Fitzgerald testifies this is a brand-new proposal.



House Budget Committee Chairman Cody Smith’s alternative budget also includes one million dollars for the State Public Defender System, and 18-million dollars for k-12 public school transportation. Medicaid expansion supporters say the voters have spoken, noting that 53 percent of Missourians voted for Amendment Two in August.