Audio: Missouri’s Governor reluctant to call special session on Grain Belt eminent domain issue

Grain Belt Express

The governor is reluctant to call a special session on the Grain Belt eminent domain issue in northern Missouri. While Missouri House Agriculture Committee Chairman Don Rone of Portageville has asked for a special session, Governor Parson says he has to be responsive to taxpayers as well:



To be clear, Governor Parson supports Holcomb State Senator Jason Bean’s legislation, which would require all affected county commissioners in eight northern Missouri counties to support the project, before Grain Belt could proceed. Grain Belt opposes the bill, saying the northern Missouri project would support 1,500 construction jobs over three years.



Missouri’s Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved Grain Belt’s request to build the transmission line across Buchanan, Clinton, Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Randolph, Monroe, and Ralls counties. The Missouri Farm Bureau opposes Grain Belt, saying using eminent domain for it sets a dangerous precedent. While the governor opposes Grain Belt, he’s reluctant to call a special session for it.

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