Audio: Missouri’s Governor discusses unemployment overpayments and issues with House Speaker

Unemployment Claim Graphic

Missouri’s governor is downplaying news reports of tension between him and House Speaker Rob Vescovo, saying there’s been hype in the media. Governor Mike Parson says he’ll move forward with the House and the Senate.

The governor wrote a recent three-page letter, criticizing House GOP leaders for disrupting last week’s plans to hold the State of the State speech in the House chamber.



Missouri’s governor is reiterating that residents who received unemployment overpayments should have to repay the money, with a payment plan. Governor Mike Parson spoke to Capitol reporters on Thursday in Jefferson City.



The governor’s position is at odds with the bipartisan Missouri House Special Committee on Government Oversight, which has criticized the state Department of Labor’s position. State Labor director Anna Hui has testified the state overpaid more than 150-million dollars in unemployment benefits in 2020. About 46,000 Missourians have been impacted, and lawmakers learned this week that a Kansas City woman is being told she must repay $23,000.