Audio: Missouri’s Governor discusses social distancing, utility shutoffs and daycare Impacts from Coronavirus

Missouri’s governor continues to urge you to practice social distancing and to wash your hands with soap regularly, due to coronavirus concerns.  Parson spoke to Capitol reporters Wednesday night after he announced there are now 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state.



He says all of the major utility companies that operate in the state have agreed to stop disconnects at this time, due to coronavirus. Governor Mike Parson made the announcement to Capitol reporters in Jefferson City, after he met with utility leaders.



An executive order signed by Missouri’s governor authorizes state agencies to waive regulations that interfere with the state’s coronavirus response. Governor Mike Parson says daycare is critical, with at least 450 of Missouri’s 555 school districts closed or closing soon.



The Governor  also warns that “it’s going to be tremendously expensive to get through this next year or two, however long it might be.”