Audio: Missouri’s FRA special session begins today at noon in Jefferson City

Gallery View of Missouri Senate

The governor has called a special legislative session to extend a key funding mechanism for Missouri’s Medicaid program, warning that failure to extend the FRA would cost Missouri 591-million dollars in the fiscal year 2022. The FRA is the state’s Federal Reimbursement Allowance.

Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz says lawmakers have been working on FRA nonstop since the final day of session in May:



Schatz tells Missourinet he anticipates that a single bill will be filed today (Wednesday) and referred to committee for a hearing Thursday, with the full Senate voting on Friday. Governor Parson also wants lawmakers to prohibit what he calls abortifacient drugs and devices, which Schatz defines as anything that would cause or induce an abortion. Senate Democratic Leader John Rizzo of Independence tweeted at Missourinet on Tuesday, saying that his caucus “will not be voting to suspend rules that would allow Republicans to more quickly push through a bill blocking birth control for women.”

Schatz expects one bill to be filed and referred to committee today (Wednesday), at the start of a special session:



The Pro Tem confirms it’s possible that the Missouri Senate will be in session THIS WEEKEND, which is very rare. The governor warns that payments from Missouri’s Medicaid program would be reduced by one-point-five BILLION dollars if the FRA isn’t extended.

(Photo courtesy of Missouri Senate)

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