Audio: Missouri’s Ag Director says states levee system and trade remain top priorities

Flooding in northwest Missouri

Missouri’s Ag Director was part of a group of ag leaders that met with Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue at the Farm Progress Show.

Chris Chinn says it was important to be able to discuss the issues facing the state’s ag industry.

“We talked about flooding— we had 1.2 million acres underwater this year and almost 1.4 million acres of prevent plant and that’s going to hurt,” she says. “It hurts our ag economy, it hurts our farmers, and we want to make sure that people are aware of the challenges our farmers are facing.”

She tells Brownfield the state’s levee system remains a priority.  

“Our farmers that are farming along the river system really need those levees back in place and they’re not going to see a lot of action on their farms until they’re able to know they have that protection there,” she says. “They really need that levee system put back in place for stability with their lender and for their future.”

Chinn trade is also top of mind. She says farmers need the ratification of the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement now more than ever.


Audio: Chris Chinn, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture