Audio: Missouri testing company closed, workers claiming samples were spoiled, told to lie about test results

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Testing news graphic

A COVID-19 testing company with operations in the St. Louis area has temporarily shut down due to complaints about its rapid test sites and labs.



Former employees of the Center for COVID Control told the website Book Club Chicago that samples were routinely spoiled and that they were instructed to lie to people about test results. K-M-O-X reports the workers said the tests were coming in so fast that they left the kits piled up in bags for days when they should have been refrigerated or on ice packs. The Center for COVID Control has sites at Ballpark Village in St. Louis, Eureka, and Chesterfield.

The Minnesota attorney general filed a lawsuit against the company after complaints from residents who provided personal information but never received their test results.

The Center for Covid Control’s website said all testing operations remain closed until further notice. It will resume the collection of patient samples when staffing levels allow the company to operate at full capacity.

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