Audio: Missouri Supreme Court to hear key “Gross vs. Parson” Sunshine Law case on Wednesday

Missouri Sunshine Law

The Missouri Supreme Court will hear remote oral arguments tomorrow (Wednesday) in Jefferson City in a key Sunshine law dispute between GOP Governor Mike Parson’s office and a former Democratic candidate for attorney general.



The biggest issue, in this case, is whether public governmental bodies such as the governor’s office can charge costs for searching for and researching public records. This case began in October 2018 when Elad Gross, who later ran for attorney general in 2020, sent a Sunshine request to the governor’s office regarding campaign contributions.

The governor’s office said the request found more than 13,000 documents and would cost about $3,600 to produce and take up to 120 business days to provide. Gross alleges that Governor Parson’s office charged excessive fees. However, then-Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia M. Joyce dismissed Gross’ case. The Supreme Court will hear the appeal. The Missouri Attorney General’s office says the governor’s office followed the Sunshine Law’s plain language.