Audio: Missouri Supreme Court to hear arguments next week in Kehoe appointment case

Missouri Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for next week in the case involving whether Governor Mike Parson has the authority to appoint a lieutenant governor. 



Mike Parson took the oath of office as governor on June 1 and appointed Senate Majority Leader Mike Kehoe as lieutenant governor on June 18. The Missouri Democratic Party and Hartville World War II veteran Darrell Cope filed a lawsuit the next day. The Missouri Constitution doesn’t specifically address how the lieutenant governor should be replaced when there’s a vacancy.

Missouri First Assistant Attorney General D. John Sauer says Governor Parson had clear authority under Article 4 Section 4 of the state Constitution to appoint Kehoe. Missouri Democratic Party attorney Matthew Vianello wanted Cole County Judge Jon Beetem to issue a ruling which says the governor cannot appoint a lieutenant governor, when the lieutenant governor position is vacant. Judge Beetem ruled in July that Parson had authority to appoint Kehoe. The Supreme Court will hear the case next Wednesday.