Audio: Missouri Supreme Court issues unanimous decision in major corrections officer overtime case

Missouri Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme Court issued a 6-0 decision on Tuesday in a case filed by corrections officers seeking $113,000,000 in overtime pay. Missourinet’s Brian Hauswirth has our report.



Longtime Cole County Judge Pat Joyce, who’s since retired, had found the Missouri Department of Corrections liable for paying for all the officers’ pre and post-shift activities. But the Supreme Court Tuesday agreed the officers only showed certain pre-and post-shift activities, including time to pick up and return radios and inventory weapons, were compensable.

The Missouri Supreme Court is sending the case back to the Cole County Circuit Court for further proceedings. Corrections officer Thomas Hootselle Jr. and other officers who sued the DOC, on behalf of a proposed class of more than 13,000 officers, now will have to prove whether other pre-and post-shift activities are compensable.

This case has been working its way through the courts for more than nine years, and Judge Joyce issued her decision in 2018.

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