Audio: Missouri State Fair kicks off Thursday in Sedalia

2022 Missouri State Fair News Graphic
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The Missouri State Fair begins this Thursday in west-central Missouri’s Sedalia. Director Mark Wolfe says about 331,000 people attended last year’s fair and he hopes this year’s will be another great attendance year.



About 5,000 students exhibit at the fair each year, bringing in roughly 16,000 entries. Funding in this year’s state budget will build an additional 600 campsites.

Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe says exhibit entry numbers are up and campsites are just about full. He talks about what sets Missouri’s State Fair apart from other state fairs in the region.



The livestock, funnel cakes, carnival rides, concerts, and the butter sculpture return this week to west-central Missouri’s Sedalia and Director Mark Wolfe says the fair food never disappoints.



This year’s concert lineup includes ZZ Top, Trace Adkins, Tesla, Casting Crowns, and KC, and the Sunshine Band. 

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