Audio: Missouri senator says family court should not discriminate against medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana
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Should a Missouri family court be allowed to tell a person they cannot take their legally prescribed medicine..even if it’s medical marijuana?

As Joey Parker tells us, at least one Missouri lawmaker says “NO.”



State Senator Barbara Washington says Missouri’s family courts should not tell someone involved in the court that they must abstain from medical marijuana as a condition of a judgment.

The Democrat from Jackson County is making the case at the Capitol for her Senate Bill 794. She says it shouldn’t be held against a person as long as the patient has a valid medical card and is buying from a licensed facility in Missouri. The senator says there are exceptions.

Despite medical marijuana’s legalization in Missouri, there are still plenty of skeptics who think its use is just an excuse to get high. The issue is even further complicated by the fact that marijuana in any form – medical or recreational – is still federally illegal.

The debate continues before it can see senate action.”

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