Audio: Missouri Senate Agriculture Committee approves the Curtman Industrial Hemp Bill

Industrial Hemp

The Missouri Senate Agriculture Committee has voted 4-1 to approve State Representative Paul Curtman’s industrial hemp bill. The Pacific Republican testifies his legislation is an opportunity to introduce “a brand-new economic footprint” to Missouri.



Curtman’s bill would create a pilot program to allow those licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) to grow, cultivate and market industrial hemp. The Missouri House approved Curtman’s bill in February by a 141-4 vote. The Senate has already approved similar industrial hemp legislation. The two bills could be merged.

A retired Missouri state trooper warns that law enforcement officers won’t be able to tell the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. Ed Moses, who worked for the Patrol for 35 years, traveled to the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City on Monday to testify against State Representative Paul Curtman’s industrial hemp bill.



Moses testifies he believes marijuana supporters are behind the industrial hemp efforts, behind the scenes. Missouri Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Brian Munzlinger tells Missourinet he disagrees with Moses, saying the industrial hemp legislation is a “drug eradication bill.” Munzlinger and Curtman say cross-pollination would destroy BOTH farmers’ and drug dealers’ crops.

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