Audio: Missouri Secretary of State says judges decision creating “mass confusion” at polls

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Procedures at Missouri polling places are in question for next month’s election after a judge struck down key elements of the state’s voter ID law Tuesday.



Cole County Circuit Court Judge Richard Callahan overturned the requirement for voters who don’t present a photo ID to sign an affidavit. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said the timing of the ruling is ”unduly creating mass confusion.” He noted Callahan’s decision directs the state to stop using the affidavit while local election authorities enforce its requirement.

Ashcroft said it’s not clear if local poll workers are bound by the judge’s decision. He added that many local election authorities have already trained poll workers to require voters to sign the statement. The document says the voter acknowledges that he or she doesn’t possess a photo ID and states that he or she is required to present approved photo ID in order to vote.

Callahan called the affidavit an “outright misstatement of law” and ruled that the requirement for a voter to sign it is a violation of a citizen’s right to vote. Ashcroft, who campaigned for office on the photo voter ID law, said he’s working with the Attorney General’s office to seek a stay and appeal of Judge Callahan’s decision.