Audio: Missouri Prescription Drug Monitoring Program legislation heading to a conference committee

Legislation that would create a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) is now heading to a Missouri House-Senate conference committee. While both chambers have approved PDMP, they’ve approved different versions.

Scott City GOP State Representative Holly Rehder delivered a passionate floor speech on Monday, urging colleagues not to judge people “unless you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins”:



Rehder revealed to colleagues today that her late mother and late sister were both sexually assaulted multiple times, and turned to prescription drugs for their pain. Missouri is the only state in the nation without a PDMP, which is an electronic database that collects data on controlled substance prescriptions within a state.

While the clock is winding down on Missouri’s 2020 session, supporters of prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) legislation hope to get it across the finish line by Friday’s deadline.

Both chambers have approved PDMP, but the Senate passed a different version with a fentanyl provision. Lake St. Louis GOP State Representative Justin Hill says House Republicans are divided 50-50 on the issue, and opposes sending it to a conference committee:



The House voted 110-33 to send Scott City State Representative Holly Rehder’s (pronounced like Raider) bill to a conference committee. Rehder says no one should judge those battling addiction, telling colleagues that many homeless veterans are addicted to some drugs, for their pain. Missouri is the only state in the nation, without a PDMP.