Audio: Missouri man arrested for stealing air fresheners

Burglary Graphic
Rataka L. Marshall (Photo Courtesy St. Louis County Jail)
Rataka Marshall (Photo Courtesy St. Louis County Jail)

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a St. Louis man, Rataka Lamonze Marshall, 46, has been charged with second-degree burglary and stealing, both classified as felonies. Marshall allegedly stole air fresheners from a storage building at the shuttered Seafood City Supermarket in University City.

The market, located at 8020 Olive Boulevard, gained attention earlier this year after 10 tons of rotting seafood were discovered on the premises. It has been closed and condemned since late March, following a St. Louis County Department of Health inspection.

Police valued the stolen items, including 120 cases of Airwick air fresheners and 24 cases of tea, at approximately $1,200. The burglary was discovered late Thursday when officers responded to a report of noises at 8014 Olive Boulevard, a storage building part of the condemned property.

University City police officers found Marshall with a shopping cart full of air fresheners. Despite initial attempts to hide, Marshall was arrested after a brief search. He denied the allegations, claiming he had entered the building through an unlocked door to sleep.

As of Monday, Marshall had not appointed an attorney, as per online court records. He faces up to seven years in prison for each felony charge. The police officer’s warrant request emphasized Marshall’s potential danger to the community.

Marshall is currently detained at the St. Louis County Justice Center and resides in the 2300 block of Union Boulevard.

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