Audio: Missouri Legislature passes private schooling tax credit bill

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The Missouri Legislature has passed a private schooling tax credit bill. The measure would let donors provide scholarships to students to attend a private Missouri K-12 school. In return, they would get state tax credits. Senator Andrew Koenig of eastern Missouri’s Manchester carried the House bill that would prioritize special needs students and those who qualify for free and reduce price school meals.

Only students living in a Missouri city with a population of 30-thousand or more would qualify.



Senate Minority Floor Leader John Rizzo says the bill would drain 75-million dollars away from public schools annually so certain families can get paid to homeschool their kids or get a kickback for sending them to private schools. 



The legislation would also require the state to fund at least 40% of the projected amount to bankroll transportation aid to K-12 public schools.

The bill heads to the governor’s desk.

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