Audio: Missouri Legislature approves bill to let robots on wheels deliver goods to your door

Missouri State Capitol courtesy of WikiMedia

Robots on wheels could soon be strolling down Missouri’s sidewalks and roads to deliver goods to your doorstep. The Missouri Legislature has passed a bill that would allow personal delivery devices to travel up to 10 miles per hour. During the debate, Senator Bill Eigel discusses the bill with the sponsor, Springfield area Senator Lincoln Hough.



Under the bill, the gadgets must have a general liability insurance policy of at least 100-thousand dollars.  During the debate, Springfield area Senator Lincoln Hough (huff) says his bill lays the groundwork to allow these delivery robots in Missouri communities.



Under the bill headed to the governor, the gizmos could operate as long as they do not interfere with traffic or block a public right-of-way. More than 15 states and the District of Columbia have passed similar legislation.

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