Audio: Missouri lawmaker accused of using law enforcement position to get sexual favor from drunk teen

Photo of Republican Representative Chad Perkins courtesy WIkipedia

A report alleges a northeast Missouri lawmaker used his position as a law enforcement officer to get a sexual favor from an intoxicated 19-year-old woman while on duty in 2015.



The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Missouri House Speaker Rob Vescovo has forwarded to the House Ethics Committee the information about Bowling Green Republican Representative Chad Perkins. The report says Perkins’s boss at the time, Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte, allegedly attempted to block an investigation into the matter involving Perkins to assure Perkins was elected to the House last year.

The newspaper reports Perkins, who is 42 years old, said his relationship with the teen was consensual, and the controversy is a political feud. The House Ethics Committee has not yet scheduled a closed hearing about the allegations.

(Photo of Republican Representative Chad Perkins courtesy Wikipedia)