Audio: Missouri House will discuss transportation after the legislative Spring break

Traffic on Roadway

The Missouri House will tackle the transportation issue when they return from spring break.

Brian Hauswirth with the Missourinet has this report.



Republicans control the Missouri House 115-47. There are two main House GOP proposals to provide funding for Missouri’s deteriorating roads and bridges. House Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr’s tax legislation would index vehicle user fees to the cost of inflation.

The Springfield Republican notes the state’s current vehicle license and registration fees haven’t changed in more than 30 years. Haahr testifies that change would generate about 174-million dollars annually for the state’s road fund, and 58-million dollars annually for counties.

House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Reiboldt’s bill would place a ten-cent gasoline tax increase before voters in November. Missouri’s fuel tax hasn’t been increased since 1996. Supporters of the Reiboldt bill say ten-cent gasoline and 12-cent diesel tax increases would raise about 430-million dollars annually.

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