Audio: Missouri House unanimously passes plan to address abuse allegations at religious boarding schools

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The Missouri House has unanimously passed a bipartisan plan in hopes of putting a stop to alleged child abuse at religious boarding schools.



An investigation by the Kansas City Star has found for decades, students at some of these boarding schools have been beaten, raped, starved, restrained, and isolated for days or even months. Some former students have made allegations against Agape boarding school and Legacy Boys Academy in Stockton, Masters Ranch in far southern Missouri, and Circle of Hope Girls Ranch near Humansville.

Democrat Keri Ingle of Kansas City and Republican Rudy Veit of Wardsville are sponsoring the legislation. It would require safety inspections, background checks for all employees, and the schools must notify the state of their existence. The measure would also give the Missouri Department of Social Services and courts more power to investigate child abuse in the schools. It heads to the Senate.