Audio: Missouri House Speaker prioritizes eminent domain legislation

Grain Belt Express

Legislation aimed at preventing private entities like the Grain Belt Express from using eminent domain could hit the Missouri Senate floor soon. Frankford State Representative Jim Hansen’s bill was the first bill sent by the House to the Senate earlier this year.



Hansen and House Speaker Elijah Haahr briefed Capitol reporters on Thursday, emphasizing the importance of property rights. Hansen is critical of the Grain Belt Express, which plans to build a high-voltage transmission line across north Missouri. Project supporters say it would save towns like Hannibal one-million dollars annually in electricity costs.



The House Speaker says his chamber is leading the fight to protect the property of Missouri’s farmers and ranchers. Speaker Elijah Haahr of Springfield notes the eminent domain legislation was the first bill approved by the House in January. He notes last year’s House bill wasn’t approved until mid-April.