Audio: Missouri House passes bill that would change vehicle inspection requirements

Vehicle Safety Inspection

Nearly 1.2 million Missouri vehicles would no longer be required to get safety inspections, under a bill passed today out of the state House of Representatives. The proposal would require inspections for vehicles at least 10 years old or with more than 150,000 miles.

Kansas City Democrat Judy Morgan says the measure would still be a blow to the state’s fund for road and bridge maintenance.



Current law requires every other year inspections for vehicles more than five years old to renew a vehicle license. During floor debate today, bill sponsor J. Eggleston, tells Representative Jason Chipman that he’s visited some of Missouri’s eight neighboring states and none of them require vehicle inspections.



Republican Chris Dinkins of southeast Missouri’s Annapolis says the requirement is a hardship for some rural Missourians who have to drive 45 minutes for an inspection.



The department is experiencing a funding crisis and the proposal would be a huge hit to the state’s fund for road and bridge repairs.