Audio: Missouri House passes bill about 46,000 Missourians mistakenly given virus unemployment benefits

Unemployment Graphic

Missourians who were mistakenly paid coronavirus unemployment benefits might not have to return the federal portion, but they still might owe the state’s share.

The Missouri House has passed a bill affecting roughly 46-thousand Missourians who received the benefits in error and have been told by the state to pay up. During debate, Nixa Republican Jered Taylor says waiving the state portion would be irresponsible.



St. Louis Democrat Ian Mackey says if the state portion is not waived, the crisis will not end for those affected. About 75-percent of the 150-million dollars in overpayments came from the federal government. 

Last month, Missouri Labor Department Director Anna Hui told a House committee the average overpayment from the state was $990, while the average federal overpayment was more than $3,300. During the floor debate, St. Louis Democrat Ian Mackey says the state portion must also be forgiven.



The proposal, which would not become law until August, heads to the Senate for consideration.