Audio: Missouri House gives initial approval to working animal legislation

Man sitting in carriage pulled by horse

Legislation that prohibits cities and counties from banning working animals has received initial approval from the Missouri House, on a voice vote. Sedalia State Representative Brad Pollitt says it’s improper for political subdivisions to regulate an industry out of business.



The bill is backed by Missouri Farm Bureau and by Cape Girardeau’s Lazy L. Safari park. St. Louis city officials oppose the bill, saying it would prohibit any regulation that would ensure the health and safety of working animals. They’re specifically worried about carriage rides.

Opponents say it takes away a city’s ability to regulate cruel animal exhibits. St. Louis Democratic State Representative Bridget Walsh Moore voted against the bill, saying St. Louis is working to regulate carriage rides to protect horses AND pedestrians.



Bill supporters say it does not alter state or federal laws that regulate animal care, public health, and safety.


(Photo by © Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons, 2003)

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