Audio: Missouri House committee releases report on ways to boost broadband internet access

Broadband Internet Access

A Missouri House committee has released its report about ways to boost broadband internet access across the state.



The Special Interim Committee on Broadband Development says 2020 FCC data shows about 400-thousand Missourians do not have access to broadband internet access. The committee report says Missouri is ranked 32nd in the nation in broadband access – an improvement from 41st over the past few years.

The committee says although schools deployed wi-fi hotspots, far too many students found that they could not make the hot spots work because they did not have a sufficient cell signal, rendering thousands of electronic tablets to bridge the gap between in-seat and online classes completely useless. Additional testimony talked about the federal approach to broadband being deeply flawed in its methods used to determine who is served, underserved and unserved.

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