Audio: Missouri health organizations urge public to stay away from ERs unless absolutely necessary

Hospital Emergency Department Sign

Missourians are being urged to only use the ER only when absolutely necessary.  The reason is probably obvious but those leaders say don’t stay away if you’re really in need.



Most of the state’s hospitals’ ER rooms are overcrowded because of the surge in COVID-19 patients, and the Missouri Hospital Association and the state health department want patients experiencing severe illness or a life-threatening condition to continue to use emergency resources.

More than 3,600 COVID patients are in Missouri hospitals, nearly 700 in the ICU.  The new case number for the rolling seven-day period is more than 56,000.  At least 18 people have died of COVID-19 over the last week.  Over the last seven days, slightly more than 75,000 vaccinations were given.

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