Audio: Missouri Day Parade entries still being accepted

Missouri Day Festival

Missouri Day parade entries will continue to be accepted through Tuesday, October 16th.

Beginning on October 17th, a representative of the sponsoring Trenton Rotary Club will be contacting the entries advising where they will line up for the October 20th parade in Trenton.

Parade entries can be made by calling Steve Taylor at 660-654-0069. There’s no entry fee unless the entry is of a political nature. Parade entries involving a political candidate or issues are to pay $25.00s. Non-political entries may make a donation to benefit projects of the Trenton Rotary Club according to Brian Upton.



Brian Upton and Steve Taylor point out the parade entries will be seen by a huge number of people along the parade route.



Besides name and address and a category for judging, Taylor explained the need for an email address and a description about the entry.



A cumulative $1,000 is offered in prize money for the winning parade entries.