Audio: Missouri astronaut talks about his experience aboard the International Space Station

Missouri Astronaut Bob Behnken
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One year ago, Missouri astronaut Bob Behnken was in space as part of a historic mission. Behnken, who grew up in St. Louis County, piloted the first commercial space launch with astronauts aboard and the first U.S. space mission in nearly a decade. He tells Missourinet he missed his family and many other things while aboard the International Space Station.



Behnken’s wife, Megan, is currently in space. She piloted a four-person crew in the same spacecraft as Behnken and sat in the same seat as he did.  Behnken is back on Earth and tells Missourinet he logged his tenth spacewalk during the mission – an experience he says is unforgettable.



Behnken and his wife, Megan, are both pilots

(Bob Behnken photo courtesy NASA)

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